About the RNO

The Old San Rafael Neighborhood Organization is a nonprofit that serves as the official organizing body and voice of our community. We keep track of policies that affect our neighborhood and can opt to take positions on issues or candidates. City officials and businesses often engage with RNOs on matters of growth, zoning, new development, traffic and parking, amenities and other items that affect our quality of life. We encourage you to engage with us!

Meet the Board

OSRNO Board members are elected by the Board of Directors and serve as volunteers for an undefined term. Please reach out to any one of us with questions or concerns.


Reid Reynolds, President, reid@osrno.com

Marty Jones, Vice President, marty@osrno.com

Walt Hix, Treasurer, walt@osrno.com

Kate Repko, Secretary, kate@osrno.com


Michael Beazley, michael@osrno.com

Amy Bohen, amy@osrno.com

Chris Coddington, chrisc@osrno.com

Cari Frank, cari@osrno.com

Nadia Gedeon, nadia@osrno.com

Megan Koerbel, megan@osrno.com

David Stapleton, david@osrno.com


Our Neighborhood Organization is a nonprofit and relies on donations and volunteers from the neighborhood to cover our minimal operating costs. If you’d like to donate, please contact reid@osrno.com. Otherwise, please consider participating in/contributing to one or more of our events planned for this year.